Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010 Data Update Online for Business Analyst Users

We'll get to the Site Channel in just a few moments.  Actually, when regular posts commence in September..But for now, we want to make sure that all you Business Analyst users out there know that you can access 2010 Demographic & Income Reports online, and don't need to wait to receive and install the soon to be released Business Analyst 10.

Lucy Guerra at ESRI was nice enough to post this a while back, but I don't think enough of us have found it.  Says Lucy on the BA Blog-

"Some great news to share with Business Analyst 9.3.1 users... you can get a jump start on your 2010 analysis and start running the 2010 Demographic & Income report for your trade areas today! It's all possible with the ESRI Business Analyst Online Reports Add-In..

The Business Analyst Online Add-In is a bridge from Business Analyst Desktop to reports and data from Business Analyst Online. All you have to do is:

1)Download the Add-In  >>>  2) Install it  >>>  3) Activate your subscription

And it's free for Business Analyst Desktop users current on maintenance!
Then you can run a 2010 Demographic & Income Profile report for any of your trade areas. You can also attach that data back to your trade area layer so that you can create maps and use the data in your other analysis workflows.

In addition, access to the Business Analyst Online web application is included with a subscription to the Business Analyst Online Add-In so you can search for businesses, thematically map areas, create trade areas, compare sites, create customized reports, and more."

We'll all be using more and more resources online from within desktop environments, so here you go.  Thanks Lucy!