Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oracle Unveils Glimpse of the Future of CRM at CES 2011

The future of CRM is delivering business intelligence that can be used at the moment of truth where customers interact with service staff and systems - for a bank, that is branch, phone, web, mobile. 

This was the key takeaway from today's compelling Oracle presentations at the Oracle High Tech Summit at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. 

More on this in the days to come - it was among the richest conferences I've ever attended in terms of solid thinking about data management architectures for CRM and real-world business cultural implications of same in a very short period of time (6 hours).

Using the APOS Location Intelligence Solution for ESRI, RPM has developed just such an application.  For call centers and branch staff, it provides an at-a-glimpse map that suggests logical cross and up sales; mobile and on the PC, business rules do the same thing transparently.

Just one problem, we are ahead of the market, and ahead of our business partners, too.  Traditionally, business intelligence was for Analysts.  Now, we are driving it to the POS and moments of truth.  This challenges everyone to step up to the new model.

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