Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Real Stuff for Real People II From ESRI 2011 Dev Summit

Just about to head off to the Developer's party, where I will attempt to continue the tradition of Dodgeball Tourney Tweets.  But there is going to be some mighty good microbrew, and the usual crossroads of the world good time shared by all.

Coolest Stuff So Far At Dev Summit

1 - Tim O'Reilly telling us that most of our web apps suck.  They do.  They are too biased towards GIS pros and not easy enough for business and regular folks to use.

 2- ArcGIS Runtime.  Here's a thumb drive with just what you need from ArcGIS on it to run your site or marketing or community analytics.  No complexity, no licensing, no installation at all.  Just stick it in a USB slot and run it.  Me likey.

3.  Dynamic Drive Time Polygons.  The software has gotten SO fast, you can create and drag a drive time polygon around, shrink it, enlarge it, and watch it morph instantly.  There was not a dry eye in the house.

4. Pervasive GIS from APOS.  APOS was a gold sponsor this year and that's great because more people should know about these guys and what they are doing to make easier-to-deploy-and-use GIS and make it useful, or pervasive, throughout an enterprise or organization.  We work with them and highly recommend them to all U.S. users who have not discovered this yet, particularly if you're interested in tapping into business intelligence networks, and especially those based on SAP Business Objects ("Crystal Reports"). 

5. Microsoft.  What makes more sense than to try to reach a broad business and academic and government audience but to partner with Microsoft and tap into Office and Share Point?  And now, Azure and Azure Data Market.  Duh!

6.  Dr. Jane Mashup.  The ESRI Proto Lab team showed a ton of stuff they are working on that is absolutely real stuff for real folks.  My favorite is the Dr. Jane Goodall mashup assisting the tracking and location of chimps.  Jane will tell you she learned it all from her dog.  She made me cry at the UC a couple of years back and was nice enough to come out and speak at Redlands recently for her Roots and Shoots program for kids.

More later.  For one thing, ArcGIS runtime is so compelling, there will be after conference sessions on it tomorrow afternoon.  For now, dodgeball calls.

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